Terms and Conditions

1. Vidinterest TOS
The document you are reading now is the legal contract between you and Surfmandu Pvt Ltd. (“Vidinterest”, “we”, “us”) that applies to your use of anything Vidinterest, including Vidinterest’s curation, vidinterest publisher, and other products, content, and related services
2. Who is Surfmandu Pvt. Ltd.?
Surfmandu Pvt. Ltd. is the company that provides and operates the Vidinterest Services. We refer to ourselves here as “Vidinterest”.
3. Who owns the content I post on Vidinterest?
You do. When you post add a video to your playlist and write title, description on Vidinterest, you own that content, as far as we’re concerned. Vidinterest doesn’t claim any ownership of your content.When you add videos on Vidinterest, you are giving us permission to use it as needed to provide the Vidinterest services.Your permission to use your content continues even if you stop using Vidinterest or terminate your account. Also, we can use your content on others’ sites and services to promote Vidinterest Services.
4. Can I delete Video i added on Vidinterest?
Yes, you own the content you post on Vidinterest.When you delete some content from Vidinterest, it may take some time for our systems to fully remove it from public view. We maintain backup systems that may keep copies of your deleted content for some time.
5. Can Vidinterest delete videos added by me?
When we become aware of a violation, we may remove content, suspend or alter your user name, or even suspend or delete your account.
6. Vidinterest's Verified Curator
  • Vidinterest verfied curators can earn using our platform
  • We encourage verified users to share only quality and interesting videos
  • We have right to remove any videos that are NSFW
  • Unnecessary promotion of video, clickbaiting and irrelevant titles is strickly prohibited
  • We do not tolerate bot-manipulations
  • We have right to remove the status of verified curator without any notice, if the user is not following our TOS
7. Effective Date of this Terms and Condition
This Terms and Condition is effective as of July 20, 2012 and last updated September 06, 2016.