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Razer Nabu Smartband looks More Smart than other Wearables

 enbeeone3     Gadgets & Gizmos

This 3D printed plastic dress flows like fabric

 enbeeone3     Science And Technology

Meet The Mysterious GREEN Cat Of Bulgaria

 davcj     Amazing Videos

2 Year Old's Dubstep Dance - This Video Will Make You Smile

 davcj     Amazing kids

Bear Attack, Man Is Trying To Run Away From Attacking

 davcj     Amazing Videos

Snapchat partners with Square to launch Snapcash

 enbeeone3     Social Media & Web

This cube can jump up, balance, and walk - Amazing

 nirajan     Innovation & Technology

Game of Thrones Explained In Less Than 3 Minutes

 nirajan     Lets kill some time

Insane Motorbike Jump From A 187 Feet High

 davcj     pranks & crazy videos

Watch This Amazing Time Lapse of Kathmandu

 nirajan     Its All About Nepal

1.5 Million Wildebeests Cross A River In This Time-Lapse - Amazing Video

 nirajan     Amazing World & Amazing People

This 3 Minute Commercial Almost Made Me Cry - Must See For Everyone.

 lucas     Interesting Videos

Where There Is Faith, Miracles Happen.. A Cute Short Story Based On Faith.

 prastutz     Entertainment

No wonder Nepal is a land of adventure. Awesome mountain biking from the great Himalayas.

 prastutz     Thrill nd Adventure

Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car

 davcj     Amazing Videos

Avalanche In Italy - That Is Quite Frightening

 davcj     Natural Disasters

One Wheel Electric Skateboard - This looks awesome

 davcj     Amazing Videos

A Tiny House Earthship w/ Roof Top Garden - Self Sufficient Living!!

 chazman800     AmericaTUBE

The Best Guard Dog In The World - Guards Owner’s Bike

 davcj     Amazing Videos

You will be shocked once you see this video - Amazing Dance Moves

 davcj     People Are Awesome